ULU, February 2008

by George Pringle

From “Lone Stanger – Tour Diaries”

I became very aware that something was beginning to drown out my music. It had started somewhere at the back of the auditorium and seemed to advance towards me like a Mexican wave through the crowd. It had a back and forth chant to it. Solid and Rhythmic….“I would, I would, I would, I would”…”I would what?” I thought, in an instrumental bar. I kept trying to do my lines but the sound only got stronger…So I shouted the next line, louder and suddenly it had turned into a competition, my voice vs them…”I would, I would, I would I would…fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you”. I couldn’t believe it…the group of guys were saying they wanted to fuck me. I turned my backing track up but I could still hear them.

Worse, it had now changed:  “Show us your tits, show us your tits, show us your tits, show us your tits!” I couldn’t believe it.

I tripped up on my words and stopped singing…It wouldn’t stop though, they just kept chanting the tits bit, over and over again, it was overpowering my performance. I had to stay onstage and do two more songs. I desperately wanted to run offstage but running off would mean they had won.

“Show us your tits, show us your tits, show us your tits, show us your tits!”

Who knows how I got to the end of the set…

Some days I still feel I can hear them. It’s like a corny flashback in a Netflix Original.